How much time do you put into your mental game? Do you want to win more matches? Get All your tennis training all under one roof - the technical, tactical and mental sides of the game. We specialize in teaching you mental and mindfulness skills (the sport psychology aspect) that the best players in the world have mastered, along with on-court implementation of those skills. Take advantage of working with two highly skilled professionals - a Sports Performance Coach and a veteran USPTA Certified Coach. 

Is this you?
You are a player with competitive experience along with a sophisticated knowledge of stroking and strategy HOWEVER, you just don't consistently win matches against players you feel you should beat, and you don't understand why.

We help provide the answers to that very important question but we do it not only through theory, but through on court practice and training.  As in all aspects of sports, practice and repetition propels players forward. Our programs will give you the opportunity to learn both new skills and integrate them into your total game.

You can expect your sessions to include both mental conditioning and technique training in the following topics:
1.  Focus
2.  Serving   
3.  Negative Self Talk Awareness
4.  Foot Work 
5.  Visualization
6.  Stroke Analysis 
7.  Speed  
8.  Agility
The best players in the world know that mental training is an integral part of their preparation to compete. Learn the strategies that will separate you from your opponents!

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Gerald is a great tennis coach. I have not played tennis in many years but after a few lessons with him i have noticed a drastic improvement In my performance I Would recommend 

My son and I enjoy the lessons.

Elena V. - June 10, 2015

He is a great, upbeat and super knowledgeable guy. He makes lessons fun!

Alicia R. - June 10, 2015

I am getting so much out of my lessons with Gerald. I will sign up for a new set soon. He knows exactly what he's doing and analyzes your shot very well, but he makes it fun while you're getting better. You can't go wrong taking lessons from Gerald. Highly recommended.

Eric G. - August 25, 2015

Gerald is a fantastic teacher who makes our lessons fun. He is very patient with our teenager while giving her the guidance she needs in a way she understands (not an easy task). He also teaches my husband and me sometimes together and sometimes separate, and we both have seen tremendous improvement. He is professional and flexible. I would highly recommend him for all levels, group and individual. 

Christina B. - September 28, 2015

Charleston is a great teacher. I am getting back into tennis after an injury and Gerald knows how to structure my lesson to get me back in the game. He can analyze your stokes and make minor adjustments for maximum results. The lessons are fun and I can already see improvement 

Marianne S. - February 22, 2016

Gerald is very friendly and he makes me feel at ease learning the techniques.Frieja Z. - March 7, 2016

My First lesson with Charleston , I thought it was great! He quickly figured out my level/ability and was able to give me some great instruction!"     -June 1,2016paragraph here.